> *2019 DTKC MEMBERSHIP* > 2019 membership fees are due by 1st February 2019. You can renew your > membership online now. Go to www.dtkc.com.au under the Membership tab. > > If you a renewing your membership from 2018 you can simply go to Step 2 > (under Membership on the DTKC website) and select the memberships you wish > to renew. Please note that if you wish to change your kart number, please > contact membership@dtkc.com.au. Otherwise you will be issues with the > same number you held in 2018, unless there is a issue. Please see important > information below about kart numbers. > > If you need to add any more family members to the system please do this in > Step 1 (under Membership on the DTKC website) before you start Step 2. > > If you wish to keep the kart number you had in 2018, your membership > renewals are due before this date. Please note the following *IMPORTANT > INFORMATION* regarding Race Number: > 1. A race number will only be issued to one Junior Division Members and > one Senior Division Member. The only except to this is any overlap from the > 2018 season where all members holding that number renew by the 1st February > 2019. > 2. Any driver moving from a Junior License Membership to a Senior License > Membership will not be guaranteed the number they held in Juniors. If the > number is taken in 2018, then renewing Senior License Member has first > option until the 1st February 2019. > 3. The following numbers are unavailable – 4, 8, and 125 . Additionally > 99 cannot be run in the Outlaw Class. > 4. Members will receive confirmation of their race number by the DTKC > Licensing Secretary. > > If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Licensing > Secretary Alyssa Williamson on membership@dtkc.com.au or 0422 496 842. > > *2019 AIDKA LICENSE * > AIDKA are implementing a new licensing system for 2019. They expect it to > be ready mid January. As soon as it is up and running we will let you know. > The new licensing systems also means: > > – No physical licenses (the cards) will be issues this year, only a > log book. The licenses will be available via an App, or there will be > an option for you to print it out. > – No rule books will be printed for this year, it will be all online > (again there will be a print option if you wish to print it out for > yourself.) > > Again we dont have much more information on how it will all work other > than this, but as soon as we know anything we will keep you updates. > > If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Licensing > Secretary Alyssa Williamson on membership@dtkc.com.au or 0422 496 842. > > *2019 CALENDAR* > The DTKC 2019 Calender is now on our website. > > We are just finalizing the Duties and Bye Roster now. Once this is done, > we will email it out to everyone. The email will include full details of > where we are holding our 2019 race meetings. Out first meeting on the 16th > February will be be held at Busselton Kart Club. > > Kind Regards, > > Kylie Thompson > DTKC Secretary > secretary@dtkc.com.au > www.dtkc.com.au > 0407 714 448 > >